Allez, St. Lucian-based Rideshare Company Celebrates its First Anniversary. 

April 18, 2022

SAINT LUCIA — Dubbed St. Lucia’s Uber, Allez successfully launched during the height of the pandemic on April 18, 2021. In what some would call a star-studded affair, Allez brought together artists like Shemmy J, Hollywood HP, Cooyah, Prado, and many others at Oasis 101 in Gros Islet town. Curated with music and musings about the app, the launch was aired on TV and can still be seen on Allez’s Youtube page today.

St. Lucian co-founders, Safiya Paul and Mellissa Preville, knew the time was right, despite the current landscape, to transform transportation in St. Lucia through a digital rideshare platform. Allez currently boasts 1052 riders and 498 registered drivers and is encouraging drivers to continue uploading their documents so they can be approved. Allez passengers need drivers, so sign up and upload all required documents to start earning extra cash as an Allez driver. Download Allez Driver in your app store to become a driver and Allez to become a passenger. 

During the company’s first year in business, Allez has fulfilled its goals to:

– provide safe, expedient, and dependable transportation island-wide

– Use technology to improve productivity and efficiency

– Increase income earning opportunities for locals

In the upcoming year, the company looks forward to increasing brand awareness, approving new drivers, optimizing the technology within the applications, and expanding to other neighbouring islands.

The co-founders are pleased with the progress over the past year and look forward to continued growth for Allez in the years to come. Allez will fulfill its vision to revolutionize travel in the Caribbean Region and facilitate the free movement of people.

If you have questions or comments, you can reach us at Visit our website and follow us on all social media platforms @wiallez. 

Let’s live free, roam safely, and make money with Allez!